Managed Service for

In addition to our technology, Funds-Axis can provide you with a managed service to remove the burden and complexities of compliance monitoring.

This will enable you to manage the compliance process more efficiently, leverage our expertise to reduce data inaccuracies and achieve growth targets without the having to deal with the additional workload.

Our managed service for Depositaries includes:

Review & validation of data uploads.

Governance checks

(data quality, NAV tolerance, counterparty exposure)

Daily rules processing & results verification

Breach validation & investigation

Key Features for depositories:

Our depositary technology is used by large global custodians and depositary-lite providers to fulfil their obligations under UCITS and AIFMD provisions in respect of cashflow monitoring, safekeeping and oversight.

  • Rules engine establishment and review
  • Create customised rules to meet your monitoring requirements
  • Comprehensive liquidity, leverage and counterparty risk monitoring
  • Automated cashflow monitoring
  • Data integrations
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Interactive Dashboard Reporting
  • Integrated regulatory content and decision trees


Increased efficiency and accuracy of processes and results
Full compliance with regulatory change
Full digital audit log of all exceptions and actions
Instant analysis of compliance and risk across portfolios
Automated production of Management Information
Tracking and notification of issuesd AIFMD

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