Liquidity Risk Management

Our Liquidity Risk Management Consultants provide a comprehensive overview of Liquidity Risk Management, including case studies and practical examples. Our team have familiarity with the liquidity rules for UCITS, AIFMD and the EU Money Market Fund Regulation.

Our Liquidity Risk Management Fund Professionals support Compliance Offcers and anyone working at Depositaries, Fund Administrators, Man Cos and ACDs, Prime Brokers and Asset Managers involved in Regulatory Reporting..

Global regulatory reporting experience

Our solutions perform all the relevant calculations, automatically apply all the relevant data taxonomies and enable one-click generation of the required regulatory reports.

  • Data collection and aggregation
  • Data enrichment and transformation
  • Secure data maintenance for all manager and fund data
  • All calculations are performed, including for exposure and liquidity
  • Full audit trail and history
  • Flexible data upload formats
  • XML report generation
  • Integrations with leading Administrators
  • Regulatory Reporting Solutions
  • Funds-Axis supports a broad range of global regulatory reporting requirements.

We enable organisations to rapidly comply with these regulations, without the need to develop costly in-house solutions. The cost of compliance is significantly reduced through plug-and-play functionality, integrated data availability, automated report production and through availability as a hosted software as a service solution.

Areas of work:

  • Holdings, trades and other data is captured once and re-used for all reporting;
  • Data is enriched with security and market data;
  • Data taxonomies are applied, consistent with regulatory requirements;
  • All calculations are performed in the system (exposure, liquidity etc); and
  • Regulatory compliance reports are available at the click of a button

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