AI and Roboticization

FA Extractor:
Machine Reading

Automatically extract key information from fund documents, such as KIIDs, PRIIPs KID and Prospectus.


Automatically convert complex investment restrictions (extracted from prospectus and KIIDs using FA Extractor) into concise system generated Robo Rules in seconds. Rules can then be automatically assigned to portfolios and ready to run.

FA Insights

Beautiful Interactive BI dashboards. Filter, drill down and further explore the data. Over 180 pre-configured dashboards to cover all investment compliance, risk and regulatory reporting.

Voice Control

Interact with your data through voice commands. With a single voice command, you can retrieve and hear your numeric KPIs, risk etc.

FA Factsheets

Automated production of beautiful digital factsheets, KIIDs, PRIIPs KID and Prospectus in seconds. Plus interactive analytics and widgets to embed into your own website


Massively improve business effciency through embedded business process management. Using AI to include: oversight, fiduciary oversight of risk and compliance.

Our Global Funds Technology

Available as a cloud-based system

Integrations with multiple fund admins and prime-brokers

Integrated security data

Out-of-the-box reporting

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